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Public reading for Oakland-Word writing workshops:

May 4, 2010
6p.m. to 8p.m., at Cesar Chavez Branch Library in Oakland, CA


Public reading for Oakland-Word writing workshops:

March 13, 2010
3p.m. to 5p.m., at Cesar Chavez Branch Library in Oakland, CA

Born in 1958 in upper-state New York, I spent my formative years in the suburbs of Baltimore. My ancestry is a combination of old-white and new-white: my father was an immigrant from Latvia; and my mother’s family has lived in the Philadelphia area for generations. Other places I’ve lived include the greater Boston area, Greensboro NC, and Oakland, California.

I began to write fiction shortly after receiving a Master of Arts degree in Sociology from Northeastern University. My writing sits at the “intersection of biography and history” that is the sociologist’s realm. My characters live and love in the contexts of their social situations: their race, their social class, their sexual preferences, their family situations, their occupations, their region. I write about the modern South, the Border South, the South Before the Changes, and the Diasporic South (which would include my neighborhood, East Oakland).

Music, family, community, and the struggle to define identity are all themes of my work.

I received a Master of Fine Arts in Writing and Literature from Goddard College; and went on to complete and publish my first novel, Your Loving Arms. My novella, Cleo’s Gone, has been excerpted in a number of anthologies: The Best Lesbian Erotica, Hers3, Close Calls, Does Your Mama Know? and The Persistent Desire. Look for it soon in its entirety!

I am currently completing a volume of short fiction, I Am the 8-Ball; and a blues novel, Cleave To Me, Mama.

Since the appearance of my first novel, I have traveled extensively, offering readings, workshops, and lectures across the country, and in my hometown of Oakland.

I live with my beautiful, brilliant, and talented wife(fat, feminist, Christian, African-American dyke). We live in East Oakland, on a small side street that features a herd of feral cats.