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Public reading for Oakland-Word writing workshops:

May 4, 2010
6p.m. to 8p.m., at Cesar Chavez Branch Library in Oakland, CA


Public reading for Oakland-Word writing workshops:

March 13, 2010
3p.m. to 5p.m., at Cesar Chavez Branch Library in Oakland, CA

Manuscript Analyst - Services


Gwendolyn Bikis brings to a manuscript an editor’s and writer’s eye—but she also brings 20 years of experience as a teacher of adults. As a teacher, Bikis always “starts with the student” when developing curriculum or lessons. As an editor, or manuscript analyst, she looks at the deep meanings and nascent patterns in a piece of writing: she attempts to see what the manuscript is, and also what it is striving to be. To do this, she first gleans a writer’s intentions through consultation, and then read and re-read, deeply, before offering comments.


As a writer, Bikis enjoys revising her own manuscripts—she enjoys truly re-visioning her own work. In the same way, Gwendolyn Bikis can help a writer hone and sharpen his or her manuscripts. What you want to say can always be said a little bit better with the help of a writer’s ideal first audience: an adept and sensitive manuscript analyst who seeks to understand the way that writer works, and where it is that writer’s work wants to go.


Gwendolyn performs copy-editing and proofreading (she can “clean up” a final-draft pre-publication manuscript); but, more importantly, she does content editing. Content editing looks toward idea-development and re-inspiration.


  • Free pre-analysis phone conference of app. 15 minutes

  • Analysis-$35/hour